Vizio Sound Bar Universal Remote Codes

Do you want to use your favourite universal remote with vizio sound bar? A universal remote is very useful in programming a replacement remote for your sound bar device in uncertain conditions. Sometimes we may damage our original device remote and could not access the device to enjoy our favourite shows and movies. In that case if you own a universal remote, you can program it quickly to save your time & cost of getting a replacement remote. You need Vizio sound bar remote code to pair your remote with the sound bar device. Also, you can configure and operate multiple devices using a single universal remote control.

Vizio Sound Bar Universal Remote Codes List

To program a vizio remote to soundbar you need to have vizio sound bar universal remote codes of 3 digit, 5 digit or 4 digit. The type of code depends on the codes list version of your vizio soundbar universal remote. So you need to check the code list version of your universal remote from the user manual you get with remote package or from removing the back cover of the remote. Then Go through the vizio sound bar remote codes list and select a remote code that works for your remote brand and type. If a remote code doesn’t work to setup the remote control then you may choose any alternative code to program the remote setup.

  • 1517
  • 31517

Vizio Sound Bar Codes for Directv Remote

  • 11758
  • 12757
  • 10885

How do you program a vizio soundbar to a universal remote?

Universal remote programming for vizio soundbar device is very easy with a few steps. You just need to enter the universal remote code and follow the process. There are many methods to program a universal remote so you can choose any method as per your convenience to setup the remote control.

  1. Manually switch on the vizio soundbar device that you would like to control.
  2. Tap the device mode key like TV, CBL, or blu-ray and hold on for 5 seconds until the led light flashes twice. Then the light will remain lit.
  3. Enter the universal remote codes for your vizio soundbar from the below available remote codes list and enter using the numeric keys of your remote. 
  4. After entering each digit the led light flashes once. If the code is working, the led light will flashes twice after you have entered the last digit and then turn off.
  5. Aim the universal remote control at the Vizio sound bar device and tap on the power key. If the device shuts off, the setup is complete.
  6. If not, repeat the same programming process using alternative remote codes.

Vizio Sound bar Remote Not Working

If your vizio sound bar universal remote is not working, you can follow the below given steps to fix it and resolve the issues:

  • Take off the batteries from the universal remote.
  • Tap on each key of the universal remote individually when the batteries are not inserted.
  • Replace the batteries with new one.
  • Unplug the soundbar device from the electric socket & hold the power key on the sound bar when it is unplugged.

Final Words:

Please share your feedbacks and suggestion with us about this vizio sound bar remote codes & programming guide. We regularly update our webpage with latest vizio universal remote codes so you can program your favourite remote control to operate your device. Also, we accept new remote codes via comment section.

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