Vizio Soundbar Codes for Xfinity Remote

The Xfinity Voice Universal Remote not only allows you to control multiple devices simultaneously and understand voice commands, but it also provides a seamless web-based experience to bring ease, convenience, and organization to your life. The voice feature even enables people with disabilities and the elderly to easily control different devices. This remote is compatible with various devices such as Soundbars, TVs, DVD players, and other audio and video devices, regardless of their type or manufacturer. This feature eliminates the hassle of figuring out which remote will work with your device. For Spectrum Vizio remote codes, you can check it out.Furthermore, the remote is compatible with voice commands! What more convenience could you ask for in a remote control? If you have a Vizio Soundbar and require a remote, Xfinity can assist you. So, why wait? Get your Xfinity remote now!

Xfinity Vizio Soundbar Codes List

To program your Xfinity remote with any of your devices, you’ll need a specific code to enter during the setup process, similar to Vizio sound bar codes for Cox Contour remote. This code varies based on the type and brand of your device. The Xfinity Vizio soundbar codes are listed below to assist you with the setup. You can also find the Vizio soundbar codes for the Xfinity remote in the list below.

  • 11756
  • 32454

How to Program an Xfinity Universal Remote to a Vizio Soundbar

You have your Xfinity remote and your Soundbar ready to be programmed and used, but you’re unsure how to pair the Xfinity remote with the Vizio soundbar. Fear not, we are here to guide you through these simple and concise steps:

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  1. Ensure that the remote has batteries and that your Soundbar and TV are turned on before you begin.
  2. To program your Xfinity remote with your Soundbar, start by pairing it with your TV. Aim the remote towards the TV box and press the A button.
  3. A prompt will appear on the screen asking if you want to use your remote to control your TV power and volume. Select ‘yes’ to proceed.
  4. You should receive a notification confirming that your remote is paired for voice control. If not, repeat the previous steps.
  5. Subsequently, you’ll be asked if you’d like to control your TV using your remote. Again, select ‘yes.’
  6. Enter the brand of your TV using the on-screen keyboard and select ‘OK’ with the remote.
  7. Once you’ve entered the TV brand, your remote is ready to be paired with the TV, and you’ll receive a notification. Again, select ‘OK.’
  8. Test the basic features of your remote on the TV, and if they work, you’re all set!
  9. After your remote is paired with your TV, press and hold the SETUP button until the LED light turns green.
  10. Enter the code for the Vizio soundbar. The light will blink twice to indicate that it has successfully paired with the soundbar.

Now, you can conveniently control your devices from one place using the same remote. Enjoy your movie nights, music sessions, and content binging days!

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