GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

Are you looking for GE Universal remote codes for Vizio TV device? If yes, our today’s guide will help you finding the perfect universal remote codes for your TV device. If you want to replace your original device remote due to any reason then a GE universal remote is the best option available for your Vizio TV. Programming the universal remote from general electric is possible for everyone with easy to follow instructions. You can also program multiple devices using a single universal GE remote and operate all their features. It will also resolve your hassle of managing individual remotes for all your devices. So if you are looking for a replacement remote for vizio tv device and own a GE universal remote then this guide helps you a lot to setup your universal remote control.

GE Remote Codes for Vizio TV

From our sources we have combined a wide variety of GE universal remote codes for vizio smart tv that works with most remote models & types. So first you need to check which type of remote code works with your device and then check our GE vizio remote codes list. Select a remote code available for your remote brand & type and enter it to setup your universal remote. 

0031, 0107, 0164, 0004, 0009, 0044, 0054, 0000, 0342, 0003, 0125, 0015, 0022, 0052, 0087

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio Sound Bar

Do you own a Vizio sound bar device as well? You can also program GE universal remote to work with your Vizio sound bar device. Both vizio sound bar and Vizio tv device can be operated using same remote control. Go through the general electric universal remote codes for vizio tv & sound bar list and select a code listed for your remote type & brand and start how to program a universal remote to a vizio tv. If a remote code doesn’t work properly to configure your remote setup then you need to check for alternative codes available for your remote brand and repeat the programming process.

  • 1517
  • 31517

GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes for Vizio TV

Cl5 Vizio codes for ge universal remote are categorized below for all the major remote brands. Latest version remote controls have code list version 5 and they need 5 digit remote codes to program the remote control. So remove the battery cover of your universal remote and check which type of remote code it requires for programming and then select a remote code.

5631, 5611, 5561, 6471, 6511, 6121, 5651, 6131, 6111, 5621, 5711

GE Universal Remote CL4 Codes for Vizio TV

If you have a old GE universal remote it might accept 4 digit universal remote codes. As the old version of GE remotes work with code list version 4 and required only 4 digit ge universal remote code to program the remote control. We have prepared a list of 4 digit vizio tv remote codes according to the remote brands. So you can select the code available for your remote brand.  There are multiple codes of a single brand so you can choose any of the codes.

5631, 5561, 6121, 6131, 5611, 6111, 5651, 5621, 5711

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio Blu Ray Player

A single universal remote control can operate all your home entertainment devices including TV, Sound bar, blu-ray, and dvd player and for magnavox universal remote codes vizio check this article its also same like this. So you don’t need to maintain individual remotes for all yoru devices. You can also program your vizio blu-ray player universal remote using the below available list of codes and program instructions.

  • 22563

How Do I Program My GE Universal Remote to My Vizio TV

GE universal remote programming is a easy to follow process with only a few instructions. It is also cost & time savvy as it will reduce your efforts of finding a compatible replacement remote. Also, the original replacement remote works with only a single device whereas using the universal remote you can configure and operate up to 6 devices with a single remote. Follow the below given step by step instructions to program your GE universal remote control for vizio tv device:

  1. Manually switch on your vizio tv device that you would like to program.
  2. Aim your GE universal remote to face the TV device.
  3. Search the device mode key as TV on your remote. Tap on the Setup key, your remote will enter in the learning mode.
  4. From the ge universal remote codes vizio tv list, select a code that work with you device brand.
  5. If you have followed the instructions correctly, the light indicator blinks 4 times. If that happens enter the code you select. The key light turns off if the entered code is valid. If not try any alternative code.
  6. Tap any of the function keys on the universal remote. if that works which means you have followed the steps correctly. If it doesn’t then repeat the steps and try using another code.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV Not Working:

If your vizio tv device is not working properly using the GE universal remote, you can try fixing it using the following steps:

  • Make sure you click on the appropriate device key before trying to operate the specific device to confirm the device selection by remote. 
  • Replace the remote batteries. If the remote controls light are turn on, still the weak batteries can cause the remote control not working properly.
  • If the remote control is unable to operate your tv device, you need to reprogram the remote control to work properly with your device. 

Final Words:

We hope you will find our Ge universal remote codes article for vizio tv remote programming useful. Please write us your feedbacks and queries so we can make further improvements and provide you more latest remote codes here. 

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