Vizio Universal Remote Codes

Lost or damaged your Vizio TV remote? No worries! Our guide today will help you set up a universal remote control for your Vizio TV. Imagine seamlessly enjoying your favorite shows again with just one remote. All you need are the right Vizio universal remote codes to program it. This easy and quick process requires no technical knowledge, saving you time and money. Plus, a universal remote allows you to control multiple devices, unlike the original remote. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding exact replacements and embrace the convenience of a universal remote!

Vizio Universal Remote Codes List

From our various sources, we have collected a wide range of universal remote codes for Vizio TV. You can check the list of codes below. We have combined all major types of Vizio TV remote control codes according to remote brand and models. Check and find out which type of universal remote code your remote accepts and then select a code to follow the programming instructions. There are three types of code list versions: CL4, CL3, and CL5. Enter these codes to program the remote control.

These codes are remote-specific, so you need to check their compatibility and enter them accordingly to program your remote control. If the remote doesn’t work after programming and setup, you may need to enter alternative Vizio universal remote codes and repeat the programming process until your remote is programmed perfectly.

4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

If your remote has the CL4 version, it might accept Vizio 4-digit remote codes. You need to check and confirm the code list version of your remote. There are multiple Vizio TV remote codes for a particular remote brand. Select any of the remote codes listed for your Vizio TV remote brand and follow the programming process correctly. If you enter a remote code of a different code list version, your remote will not be programmed. Also, if you enter an invalid 4-digit code, your remote might not work perfectly.

  • 1758
  • 0178
  • 1756
  • 0128
  • 0117
  • 1017
  • 1078
  • 0030
  • 0056
  • 0205
  • 1292
  • 1004

3 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

You need to enter 3-digit Vizio TV universal remote codes if your remote has the CL3 code list version to program your remote perfectly. These codes are crucial to setting up a universal remote control for your Vizio TV device. Go through our list of Vizio TV codes and choose a remote code available for your specific remote brand. Most older version remotes use 3-digit codes to configure the remote control. Make sure you have selected the valid code for your remote control. If one code doesn’t work, you can choose alternative options.

  • 502
  • 627
  • 004
  • 113
  • 505
  • 011

5 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV

Does your universal remote work with 5-digit universal remote codes? Then check the list below for available remote codes and find out which 5-digit codes are available for your remote brand. Select a universal remote code and enter it to program your universal remote to operate your Vizio TV. Most latest version 5-digit codes are for programming the remote control. So if you have recently purchased a universal remote, follow these codes.

  • 10178
  • 10117
  • 11756
  • 01377
  • 10885
  • 10864
  • 10120

How to Program a Universal Remote to a Vizio TV

If you want to program a Vizio TV universal remote control, you need to enter valid Vizio universal remote control codes and follow the step-by-step instructions to program the remote control.

This process is quite easy for everyone without technical knowledge. Just follow the instructions carefully so that your remote perfectly recognizes your commands and performs the actions on your Vizio TV device accordingly. There are many methods available to program a universal remote control to your Vizio TV device. You can choose any of the programming methods and follow their instructions correctly. If the program instructions don’t seem convenient to follow, you can choose an alternative method.

  1. Manually “TURN ON” your Vizio TV device or the device you would like to set up with the universal remote.
  2. Click on the device category button like TV, BLU-RAY, DVD etc. and hold it for the 5 seconds until the led light indicator blinks twice. The led light remains lit after you release the key.
  3. Search the vizio tv universal remote codes from the vizio universal remote codes list available above and enter it using the numeric keys of your universal remote. The led light flashes after you enter each digit of the remote  you have selected. If the universal remote code is accepted, the led light flashes twice after you enter the last digit of the remote code and then turn off.
  4. Aim the VIZIO remote control at the device and then press the power key to check if the device works as expected. If the device switches off, the remote setup is complete. If not, you need to repeat the programming process using a different universal remote code.

If the above remote programming method doesn’t work with your universal remote, you can choose any alternative programming method and set up your Vizio TV remote control.

Vizio Replacement Remote

If the Vizio TV device remote you have is not working, you can follow our guide to help you make it work again. Finding a replacement remote is very hard as you need to search and find out the remote of the same brand and model, which is typically available only in specific brand stores.

If you are in search of a replacement remote for the Vizio TV device you have, there are a few available options:

  • You can purchase a replacement remote that is compatible with your Vizio TV device.
  • If you are still within the warranty period of the Vizio device and the remote that came with your TV device is defective/damaged, you can make use of a self-serve service request.

If you face any trouble in searching for the exact Vizio TV device remote that came with your TV, you can use IR remotes. As the Vizio brand uses the same signal across its IR remotes, basic remote features such as volume, power, menu, channel, and navigation keys will work with every type of Vizio remote you may use. You can also purchase a universal replacement remote of the same brand so it works with the TV device as well as with other electronic devices of your home entertainment system.

Final Words:We hope you find our Vizio TV remote control codes & programming methods article useful for setting up your universal remote. On this page, we have updated a wide range of universal remote codes along with detailed programming instructions. You can also share any new codes if you have or want us to update any new code here.