Vizio TV & Soundbar Codes For Directv Remote

Now directv subscribers can make use of their satellite receiver remote to control other electronics devices like TV, DVD, Blu-ray, sound bar and many others. If you have a vizio tv device and you want to configure a universal remote for it then directv is the best available option for you. This helps you in saving time & money both in finding and compatible remote control. Using directv remote you can program and operate multiple devices using a single remote control. Directv remote is easy to program with valid remote codes and program instructions. Below on this page, you will find directv remote codes for vizio tv, vizio sound bar remote codes and step by step instructions for how to program directv remote.

Vizio Directv Remote Codes List

The most essential element to program a directv remote control is universal remote codes. Without having correct vizio tv directv codes you can’t program a remote control to operate the devices it applicable for vizio comcast remote codes also. These remote codes are of 4 digit, 5 digit, and 3 digit codes that work according to the remote code list version. You need to first check which type of remote code you require and then go through the vizio tv remote codes list for directv. Select a remote code available for your brand & type and start following the program instructions.











Directv Remote To Vizio Sound Bar Codes List

If you also need a remote for your vizio sound bar device then directv is the perfect option to configure multiple vizio devices and operate their features. Directv remote is easy to program and configure with few simple steps just like charter remote codes for vizio tv device. You can find vizio sound bar remote codes for directv remote in the below available codes list. There are multiple remote codes listed for each brand so if your remote doesn’t properly after programming, try repeating the programming process using alternatively available remote codes.













How To Program Directv Remote for Vizio TV

Programming directv remote for vizio tv device needs valid remote codes. But if you didn’t find the remote code available for your remote brand anywhere then you can also program your vizio tv device remotely using the auto code search method which is mentioned in how do i program my philips universal remote to my vizio tv article.

1). Power off your directv set top box by clicking on the power button.

2). Slide the button on the directv remote to tv mode.

3). Navigate to the directv remote code lookup page and check the codes.

4). You can also find a list of codes below. Tap the mute & select button simultaneously on the directv remote.

5). Keep the button hold until the led light flashes twice.

6). Now enter the remote code you have selected. That’s all! Now you can use the directv remote with vizio tv device as well.

How to Program Directv Remote to Vizio Sound Bar

Likewise the vizio tv and other electronics devices, you can program the vizio soundbar to directv remote with remote codes and below available program instructions:

1). Set DTV remote to mode you’re not using such as AV1 or AV2.

2). Slide mode switch to dtv

3). To change volume function of dtv remote:

  • Tap & hold mute and select simultaneously until the green indicator flashes twice then release both keys.
  • Using number buttons, enter 9-9-3. Green light flashes twice after tapping on the last digit.
  • Tap & release VOL+ keys. The light flashes four times.

4). To lock the remote volume in dtv mode, the mode used to operate soundbar:

  • Slide mode switch to the same position used in step 1.
  • Tap & hold mute and select buttons until green light under selected buttons flashes twice, then release the keys.
  • Using number keys. Click 9-9-3. The light flashes twice.
  • Tap & release the select button. The light flashes four times.

5). Slide mode switch back to dtv. Now the directv remote can operate mute & volume function of your soundbar.

Final words:

We hope you will find our article useful in programming your directv remote using vizio tv codes. Here we have composed a wide range of xfinity remote codes for vizio tv of all the remote brands and models. Please write to us via comments if you are looking for any other remote codes or program instructions, troubleshooting methods.

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