Vizio Blu Ray Player Universal Remote Codes

Do you own a Vizio blu-ray player and looking for remote codes to setup a universal remote? Sometime the situation arises when your original blu ray device remote is inaccessible and you need a replacement remote to operate your device features. The best thing is to configure a universal vizio blu ray player remote using vizio blu ray player remote codes and enjoy the device functions seamlessly. You can also configure and operate multiple home entertainment devices using a single vizio universal remote control. Also, the vizio blu ray player remote programming is very easy when you have valid universal remote codes list to setup the remote control.

Vizio Blu-Ray Player Remote Codes List

Below on this page, we have added a list of vizio blu ray player remote codes for all major remote types and brand. The vizio blu-ray player remote codes are essential to setup the remote control with your device. This works to send the command to device and recognize the instructions to perform relevant actions. There are a wide variety of codes for all 4 digit, 3 digit, and 5 digit codes that you need to enter based on the codes list version of your universal remote. 

  • 411
  • 1403
  • 1399
  • 1398
  • 1397
  • 1396
  • 1389
  • 1129
  • 0405
  • 1500
  • 22563

So you need to remove the battery cover and check which type of universal remote code your remote will accept and then select a code from the below available universal remote codes list. If after programming the remote, the device doesn’t perform well, which means you need to program it again using any alternative remote codes.

How to Program Vizio Blu Ray Player

Universal remote programming can be done quickly with a few simple step by step instructions. All you need to have valid vizio blu ray remote codes. There are many methods available to setup a universal remote control such as manual code entry, direct entry or auto code search methods. If you didn’t find a remote code that works with your device brand to operate its feature then you can also make use of auto code search method. Auto code search method is best solution for without code remote control programming. Follow the remote programming instructions given here to quickly setup your universal remote control:

  1. Manually switch on your vizio blu ray player device.
  2. Tap on the device category such as TV, Blu-ray, DVD player etc that you would like to control. 
  3. Enter the universal remote codes from the list available below for your blu-ray device. Enter the codes using the numeric codes. 
  4. The led flashes after entering each digit of remote code. If the remote code is valid, the led light flashes twice after entering the last digit and then turns off.
  5. Aim the universal remote to device and then tap the power key. If the device shuts off, your programming setup is complete. If not, repeat the same process again.

Final Words:

This guide is all about setup a vizio blu ray player remote easily to work with your blu ray player device. Please write us how you feel about this universal remote codes article and share your feedbacks. Also, we accept new vizio blu ray codes from the comment section available below.

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