How to Program Vizio Remote to DVD Player

Are you looking to program a Vizio remote for your DVD player device? If you need a new remote for your DVD player or are seeking a compatible remote to function with it, you can program your favorite Vizio remote. A universal remote not only saves you time and cost but is also easy to program, working seamlessly with multiple devices.

All you need are valid remote codes, similar to Vizio TV codes for a Samsung remote, and appropriate remote programming instructions. By following the programming instructions correctly, you can quickly set up your Vizio remote control to work with a DVD player device. Various methods are available to program a remote control, such as the manual method, direct code entry, and auto code search.

Listed below are the two main programming methods to set up a Vizio remote with a DVD player, and information on pairing an Xfinity remote to a Vizio soundbar:

How To Program a Vizio Remote To DVD Player Without Codes

  1. Different types of remotes have different methods for setting up and programming the remote control. Be sure to check the user manual before configuring the remote. Ensure your remote has fresh and working batteries.
  2. The remote may have a “Program” key or a category button.
  3. Tap the DVD button until the indicator light turns on and remains lit.
  4. You may need to press a combination of keys or keep the category key pressed while the remote tests various available remote codes in the system.
  5. Once the remote finds the perfect code, your device will turn off.
  6. Switch on the device and test various functions to ensure the valid code is found.

How To Program Vizio Remote for  a DVD Player With Codes

  1. Turn on your DVD player device and Vizio remote. Hold down the “Program” or DVD key. Refer to the user manual that comes with your remote to determine which keys you need to press.
  2. Proceed to enter a remote code and press the “OK” key on the remote.
  3. Try turning off the device. If successful, turn the device back on and test other functions using the universal remote.
  4. If the remote code doesn’t work, try another code and repeat the steps.
  5. Once you find a valid code, press the “OK” key to save the code. Repeat the same process for each device you wish to program.


We hope you find our article helpful for programming your Vizio remote with a DVD player. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us to provide more relevant content. Also, feel free to comment if you are seeking programming instructions for any other remote brand or device

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