Vizio Universal Remote Roku Codes

Did you recently purchase a Vizio universal remote and would like to program it to work with your Roku device? You can easily configure and operate your Vizio universal remote to function with Roku devices and other electronic devices. To program a Vizio remote with Roku, you’ll need the Vizio remote Roku code and detailed programming instructions. Below on this page, we’ve included step-by-step instructions to program your Vizio remote control with a Roku TV, along with various universal remote codes that are compatible with your specific remote brand and model. Simply review the list and select a code to begin the programming process.

Vizio Remote Roku Codes List:

The remote codes consist of 5-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit codes that enable recognition of commands and the execution of required actions. Without valid remote codes, you won’t be able to program a universal remote control. Hence, you need to determine the type of remote code required by your Vizio remote and select a corresponding code from the available list. Each brand has multiple remote codes listed, so if a code doesn’t work during programming or if the remote doesn’t function properly after programming, try alternative remote codes.


How to Program a Vizio Remote to a TCL Roku TV:

There are various programming methods available to program a Vizio remote control for a TCL Roku TV, such as the manual method, direct code entry, and the auto code search method, which you can find on this website. All these programming methods require valid remote codes to successfully program your remote control. If you can’t find a working code for your remote model and brand, you can use the auto code search method. This method will scan your device library to find a code to pair with the remote. Follow the instructions provided to program your remote:

  1. Manually switch on your TCL Roku TV.
  2. Press the device button as “TV” and hold for 5 seconds until the LED flashes twice. The LED will remain lit.
  3. Search for the codes from the list and enter them using the numeric keys. If the code is valid, the LED will flash twice after entering the last digit and then turn off.
  4. Aim the Vizio remote control at the TCL Roku TV device and press the power key. If the device switches off, the setup is complete. If the device doesn’t turn off when you press the power button, the code entered is invalid.
  5. Try repeating the process using an alternative remote code.


This article focuses on Vizio remote Roku TV codes and programming methods. Please share your feedback and thoughts on this article. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to let us know via the comment section below.

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