Cox Codes for Vizio TV

Do you have a cov universal remote and would like to connect it with Vizio tv? Our guide will help you to program cox remote to vizio tv easily to access all the device functions. Programming a cox remote control is very easy with cox vizio remote codes. Cox universal remote codes and programming instructions are the must have things that you need to program a remote to vizio tv the way we did for dish network vizio tv codes. Also, a universal remote remove the clutter of having individual remotes for all the devices. You can program and operate all your home entertainment devices using a single cox universal remote. We have also updated step by step instructions to program a cox remote below on the same page.

Vizio Cox Remote Codes List

We have listed down a wide variety of cox code for vizio tv for all remote types and brands. We have categories all the remote codes based on their remote brand and code list version. So if your remote accepts 4 digit, 3 digit, or 5 digit remote codes then you need to check out the list for corresponding codes and program it accordingly. There are multiple codes for each of the listed brand so you can choose any and follow the program instructions. If the remote code doesn’t work for you, then you can choose any alternative vizio tv code for remote and repeat the process.

  • 1758
  • 0864
  • 0885
  • 1756
  • 2512

How To Program Cox Remote to Vizio TV

To setup a cox remote control to vizio tv you need to program it correctly with proper instructions. There are several methods to program a remote and you can choose any of them as per your convenience. Here we have listed down steps to program a vizio tv remote using direct code entry method for westinghouse remote codes for vizio tv check this. Follow the below given steps carefully as:

  1. Switch on the Vizio tv device you would like to program.
  2. Click on and release the button for the device you are programming like DVD, AUX, CABLE, or TV.
  3. Search for your brand or device from the below available codes list.
  4. If your remote brand is not available in the list, try searching for remote codes.
  5. Tap & hold MUTE + SELECT simultaneously until the device button selected will blinks twice then release both the buttons.
  6. Now enter the first 4 digit code that are listed  for your remote brand.
  7. Tap the power key to test the remote control with device. if the device switches off, you have found the valid code for your remote and it is stored automatically.

If the device doesn’t power off, repeat the steps 2 to 7 trying each of the code listed for your remote brand until you get a correct remote code. if none of the listed code is working perfectly for your remote brand, try searching for your code.

Final words:

We hope you will find our cox codes for vizio tv article helpful in programming your vizio tv universal remote control. Please write us your experience and feedback to make us further improvements. Also, we accept new universal codes via comment section so you can share any unlisted code here with us.

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